The apprenticeship program is divided into four levels, with classes beginning in the Fall.  The program uses a combination of on-the job instruction and in-classroom attendance and curriculum.  On the job instruction is defined as being gainfully employed by one of the members of the CEC.

Please reach out to any member on the Council to seek employment and discuss your desires to attend the class. Email links are provided beneath the Members names.

The first year of the program begins with Core Level Curricula that includes basic safety and math. Students also learn hand and power tools.


Includes orientation to the electrical trade, electrical safety, circuits and theory. Other topics covered are introduction to the National Electrical Code, basic electrical construction drawings and electrical test equipment.


The second year begins with a focus on alternating circuit, motors, lighting, conduit bending and conductor installations. Other topics covered include grounding, bonding, circuit breakers, fuses and control systems.


Year three includes calculations, hazardous locations, overcurrent protection, distribution equipment, transformers, commercial services, motor calculations and controls.


During the fourth, and final, year students focus on load calculations, health care facilities, standby and emergency systems. Year four also explains basic electronic theory, fire alarm systems, special locations and fundamentals of crew leadership

Upon completion of the program, students will have the opportunity to become a Journeyman Electrician